Baby Watching Groups

What happens in a Baby Watching group?

We meet in a small group of parents and babies for 6 weekly one-hour sessions and pay special attention to how babies communicate; we wonder about your baby’s initiatives, what they may mean, reflect together on new ways of interacting with your baby, and about your experience of becoming a parent. Sessions involve filming you and your baby for 5-10 minutes and looking at best moments in the following session. This allows you to learn more about your baby and about yourself as a parent. You will receive a copy of the best moments as a memory.

Before the start of the group all parents have an initial meeting with the group facilitator to talk about their journey of becoming a parent to your baby, and to decide if this group is right for you.

Who is this group suitable for?

Baby Watching groups can be beneficial for all who want to improve their relationship with their baby. They are especially appropriate for parents who may be concerned about their bond with their baby, which due to a variety of reasons is not as rewarding as you may have hoped. You may suffer from mild to moderate depression, anxiety, or struggle with finding ways of communicating with your baby, because maybe you yourself have never been parented very sensitively. You may have experienced a traumatic birth, which impacted on your ability to bond. You may be living in crammed circumstances, feel judged or criticized by the people around you, which may interfere with your freedom to interact spontaneously with your baby. You may just be keen to understand your baby and get better at reading his/ her cues..


You can self refer, or be referred by your health visitor, children centre worker, GP or counselor. Please text Moni on 07879 674425, or email to arrange an initial meeting.

The Facilitators

Moni Celebi

I am a parent infant psychotherapist, video interaction guider, trainer and supervisor and movement therapist with 30 years experience of supporting parents and their babies and children. I have worked in psychiatry, at a women’s refuge and in charities, which specialize in counseling for parents and babies. I see parents individually and/ or in groups. Recently I published ‘Weaving the Cradle’, a book on facilitating groups to promote bonding and attunement between parents, their babies and toddlers.

Kate Miller

A former advanced Skills teacher, I have supported and mentored many children, teachers and families. I now also trained in Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) and offer VIG to families, as well as groups and organisations. I am committed to support others to enjoy more connected moments with their babies and children.  I believe deeply that we can change relationships for the better and that this change can be lasting. See also