Dynamic Assessments of Parenting Capacity

For Family Courts and for Social Services to give a clear picture of a family’s strengths and potential for change.

I use VIG (video interaction guidance) to identify moments of attunement in relationships between parents and children. Initially I film parents interacting with their children and then I show them moments of exception, which are better than the usual pattern. My aim is to support parents to reflect on their parental role and their responsibilities, as well as what changes are needed to improve the quality of their relationships with their children. This method is evidence based and has been demonstrated to predict, with high accuracy, if children are safe or at risk a year after the VIG intervention (Cryr, C., 2018).

A parent who is able to use the VIG method will show a shift in their interaction with their child after 5 meetings. This will give an indication if the parent has capacity to reflect and is able to implement their newfound understanding.

I always discuss my observations openly with the parents and will not hesitate to express them in a respectful, yet truthful manner. My intention is to be helpful to the family and to the Family Court.

My recommendations will suggest further changes needed and offer a plan for additional therapies or interventions to provide a good enough milieu for the children to develop their potential in a safe environment. 

I have worked with a number of Family Courts in the UK as expert witness and provided assessments for families on the edge of care for Social Services.

Some of the organisations I have worked for include:

Family Attachment Consultancy:  Positive Solutions for Families in Conflict

London Borough of Ealing Children Services Connect team

Buckinghamshire County Council Children Services

Hounslow Adoption and Permanence Team

London Borough of Brent: Looked After Children, Care Leavers and Permanency Team

London Borough of Hackney Children in Need 

London Borough of Havering Adoption Team

Hertfordshire County Council Children’s Services Safeguarding team

Oxfordshire County Council Edge of Care and Looked after Children

Monika’s extensive experience as psychotherapist and VIG practitioner makes her extremely adept in engaging families from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds. She is always able to fine tune her manner and language to be easily understood and she can convey the VIG method to parents and to professionals clearly. She will describe what if any changes she has observed in a careful, therapeutic and considerate way

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