Parenting Support

I provide coaching in hopeful and effective parenting strategies, also suitable for those fostering and adopting. 

In these sessions we initially discuss your current situation. We identify what in your present relationship with your child is working well and where are the challenges.  I support you to reflect and decide on a set of goals you are trying to achieve. Depending on your child’ age s/he may also have a goal of her/ his own, which maybe similar or different from your goals.

I will explain the principles of attunement, interaction and guidance which are based on the qualities observed in young children and animals when they are in their natural habitat and feel at ease.

We then think together about a potentially fun activity you and your child will engage in, that I can film. It is helpful to involve the young person in an age appropriate manner in that decision. The purpose is to create a moment which is satisfying for all who participate. Sometimes the chosen activity can be a board game, decorating biscuits, playing ball, reading a book together or feeding and just having a cuddle.

Monika has helped me reconnect with my children after a long separation. Looking at myself interact with them has been so encouraging. Thank you.


I currently film remotely via zoom for 5 – 10 minutes. (This may be first each parent separately and then possibly also together).

I then edit the footage and keep only the best moments, which are very short, roughly 30 – 50 seconds long. In the following meeting we look together at those clips and micro-analyse them. It is amazing how much can be spotted when you look really carefully. We will identify when you are already unconsciously applying the principles of attunement; and explore how that may feel for you and for your child. This process encourages perspective taking and increases your understanding of what maybe going on in your child’s mind. We then reflect together on how you can create more situations like that, as well as how you can apply what you learned to more challenging situations.

 As a result of our work you will become more confident in your parenting skills, learn to manage difficult behaviours or challenging situations more effectively, reduce conflict in your family, feel more hopeful about the future, and have more times when you can enjoy your relationship with your child.

I usually meet with parents between 5 – 9 sessions.

I was hesitant initially but delighted how quickly my relationship with my daughter improved. From being stuck in a "no" cycle, we shifted and now enjoy being together so much more.

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