Training and supervision

I provide the following:
  • Introductory training in Video interaction guidance online and face to face.
  • Bespoke training for those who want to improve their communication skills at home or in their place of work using video reflective practice (VERP).
  • Training in Watch Wait Wonder and those wanting to learn how to facilitate Baby Watching groups.
  • Supervision for those training in Video Interaction Guidance, psychotherapy, the arts therapies

Introduction to video interaction guidance (VIG)

This course is taught in 4 modules over 4 half days on-line or over two full days face to face. It gives participants the background and basic theoretical frameworks for video Interaction guidance. The main focus is the development of skills to identify attuned moments. You will also take part in role play where you will be filmed and given strength-based feedback. After this training you can start using VIG immediately, under the supervision of a registered VIG supervisor.

Monika has a lovely teaching style. She is relaxed and informal, yet deeply knowledgeable. I found her to be empowering. She gave me confidence that I can apply what I had learned and become more effective with my clients, which I love

Clinical Psychologist

Video Enhance Reflective Practice (VERP) 

This is a bespoke communications training, which is strength based, and highlights patterns of non-verbal and verbal communication. It has been shown to be successful with professionals in their workplace, or individuals interacting with partners and their children.

This method is suitable to improve the practice of managers, teams, newly qualified professionals (such as teachers, nurses, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists), family workers and peer supporters.

It can be delivered in small groups or individually. 

Facilitating Baby Watching Groups

This training provides information on working with parents and babies, universal features of groups, as well as on what makes parent baby groups special. Discussions in small and large groups focus on non-verbal communication, co-regulation and setting up face to face and online groups. We cover the basic principles of the Watch Wait Wonder approach, and how this can be applied in parent baby groups. We also reflect on the impact of the current pandemic on new parents and babies and the provisions we can facilitate.

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