VIG (Video Interaction guidance)

A parent, or couple discuss what they see are the areas of strength in their relationships with their children and identify those aspects they want to change or improve. 

They then agree and set up an activity which encourages interaction with their children. The VIG practitioner will film for 5 – 10 minutes (each parent separately and then possibly also together). 

In the following meeting (called a Shared Review), which may take place on the same or on a different day, the parent(s) is encouraged to reflect on the better than usual moments. This helps the parent(s) to mentalise (say what is in their mind as well as what may be in their child’s mind). This process encourages perspective taking and empathy with the child. Once the parent can understand better what may be going on in the child’s mind, they become more sensitively attuned, which often results in better co-operation, successful boundary setting and more satisfying relationships. 

Usually parents meet with a VIG practitioner for between 5 – 9 sessions.

I was hesitant initially but delighted how quickly my relationship with my daughter improved. From being stuck in a "no" cycle, we shifted and now enjoy being together so much more.

Adopting Parent

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